Components, hardware, and subsystems are carefully selected to ensure maximum performance, reliability, quality, cost and delivery based on previous experiences with pre-qualified suppliers and their equipment.

Providing alternative solutions is one of Teletec's strongest capabilities.

As a supplier Over the years Teletec gained valuable knowledge in various fields of that were put to serve the interests of our clients. Teletec enjoys alliances with many leading manufacturers in various fields, and hence can supply a wide range of requirements in the fields below. While doing this we save our clients a great deal and take responsibility on their behalf to obtain reliable and durable products. Teletec can supply any requirements for:
  • Manufacturing on SKD-CKD basis production lines for radio production and other items.
  • Supply of spare parts for Turbines.
  • Supply of Turbines and power and transmission systems and elements.
  • Supply of security needs, including through the wall monitoring.
  • Accurate explosives detection.
  • Encryption of mobile phones GSM or CDMA to ensure Top Secret communication.
  • VHF-HF Icom Motorola, Icom, and Others.
  • Tactical radios and spares.