Teletec Corporation established in 1983 is a company of Firsts. Teletec designed and manufactured the IQ-1000 radio that was the FIRST software operated radio, with Fiber Optic wire that connected the controller with the main unit. No one else was able to make a similar radio for at least 10 years there after.

Teletec Corporation is also the FIRST to develop and manufactures AES2566 Encryption module and system that was approved by NIST complying to FIPS 140-2 (certificate No. 1082) .

Hence Teletec can convert all analog (FM) radios to digital operation at no extra cost.

Teletec is experienced in overseas markets as system integrator and supplier of Turnkey Telecommunications projects. Our list of partial projects completed makes it clear that we go anywhere to serve our clients.

With such long experience in overseas markets, we received many important and demanding orders for a wide range of jobs that included Telecomm jobs as well as Electric Power generations and transmission. Our M/W installation on top of Hatta mountain in Dubai was the FIRST such project on top of snow capped peaks over – looking the Hurmoz pass.

In UAE also we built the FIRST VLs in the Middle East utilizing LORAN C solution at first stage then converted to GPS a few years later.

In power transmission Teletec team can supply or build complete systems for all needs in this domain.

New technologies are introduced to many clients including Turbine output boosters of up to 30% at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Teletec is ready to handle most requirements in Telecommunication, Electric Power, and other advanced technology solution for today’s needs.