Teletec is fully experienced with U.S. and overseas business practices

international tenders, project implementation processes, the technical norms in various parts of the world and specific exporting protocols pertaining to different areas.

  • Guardian AES 256 bits
    (NIST approved) For HF RADIOS

    The guardian module is adoptable to various lines of equipment both in size and packing including HF Radios as shown above.

  • Fax and landline encryption sets

    The TelFaxEncryption ix is placed between a standard fax device and the communication line. Physical communication between the local fax device and the FaxEncryptor is based on Fax G3 operation.

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  • AES 256 bits for all FM Radios and digital converter

    The Guardian is Teletec's FIPS 140-2 validated digital Subscriber Encryption Module (SEM). The Advanced Encryption Standard technology of the Guardian provides the attributes of digital voice technology to analog radio without the expense buying digital radios or replacing an existing system.

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  • Teletec's cutting edge lanterns

    Efficient lighting in industrial areas is crucial to productivity and it can enhance the work atmosphere, resulting in an improvement of safety and security. A well designed industrial LED lighting plan can create flexible spaces, divided in production areas and warehouses or office spaces. Depending on the various requirements for these spaces, there are endless options when it comes to modern lighting fixtures. Also, the industrial sector always seeks to lower energy costs and LED lighting is the perfect choice.